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Everyone is aware of climate change and how our environment is changing. Carbon footprints, greenhouse gasses and carbon offsetting are all phrases that have become commonplace in our everyday lives, however, having somewhere to start, knowing your emissions from your global warming is not easy to find.

Well, why not start where the heart is? At home.

home sidingStart helping our environment with your home and use of household energy service, an Eco Homes assessment gives new dwellings in Scotland and any refurbished properties in England a rating based on their environmental impact. Criteria for the assessments range from internal factors to any potential external factors. Does the property have a bath or a shower? How far is the nearest shop? A property can’t be deemed that environmentally friendly if you have to drive 65 miles to get to the nearest shop to pick up a paper and a pint of milk!

As with all assessments, your home is given a score on how it performs in some categories (below). Each category is weighted depending on its impact on the environment, and then an overall score is calculated. Currently, the categories that are assessed include:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Pollution
  • Materials
  • Water
  • Land Use
  • Ecology
  • Health and Well-being
  • Management

As can be seen from the assessment criteria, it’s not just the ‘bricks and mortar’ that are assessed. The whole build process is analyzed and can take into account such factors as how environmentally friendly the contractors where during the build process, as well as any potential ecological factors that need to be considered.


Ultimately, the Eco homes credit system is designed to weigh up the concern of climate change, household energy service use and the impact on any local wildlife against the need for new housing that is sustainable and comfortable for its habitants. The more homes that can successfully achieve this balance, the better our world will be for everyone and most importantly, improve our environment now and in the future.